Evie Williams Photography


In a short brief sentence:

I am a freelance music photographer, specialising in electronic music, photographing Dj’s and capturing atmospheres within nightclubs.

My business aims to portray DJ’s and nightclubs to the world, this involves shooting mainly DJ’s playing, as well as presenting the general vibe of the night. My images are sent to the club after the post production process. The club can then use my images as promotional material. I will also showcase my images on my own website for anyone that may like to purchase them as prints. My website also acts as a portfolio.

I’m extremely passionate about photographing the world of electronic music, following my love for the sound. I want to reflect the vibe fed to us from this genre of music through my pictures and post-production process, inviting others to love it as much as I do whilst pushing the boundaries of digital photography in this current time.

To see my most recent job, see link below (look for ‘fabric 15th Birthday Weekend – 17/10/2014 by Evie Williams’ for my images.):


My website link below:


Twitter – @evieWphoto


My values, strengths and weaknesses

The values I stick to as a music photographer are creativity, consistency and punctuation. These are important for my up and coming enterprise idea because creativity will keep my images fresh and unique, I am consistent on the quality and delivery of my images . Finally, punctuation – this is vital in the world of music as a lot of people in the industry aren’t. Therefore I will be seen as a reliable and trustworthy source.

My strengths as a photographer and entrepreneur are explained above. My biggest strength is my skills in post production, this allows me to have a unique style which stands out to other current music photographers. I held a focus group of press workers from clubs, both female and male and showed them my images and another photographers images as well. Without telling them that either of them were mine I asked the group which one they preferred and why. 7 out of 9 of the group preferred my images, quote: ‘They stand out more and make the night look more inviting.’ This research highlighted that my style is working. Phew!

On the other hand there are areas and weaknesses that I wish to improve. Firstly, I am working on improving the amount of images to send to a client. I will always priorities quality over quantity, however I see the amount of images I have produced in jobs so far as a weakness and hope to improve this with time. Another weakness I need to work on is the ability to negotiate pricing with a client. Some people will approach me with a set price that is too low. I need to focus on what is too little and work from above that to ensure I am working for the correct amount as well as my business constantly moving forwards and progressing.

Inspiration and competitors

Whilst building this business I have been inspired by a number of people within the industry. Starting with Sarah Ginn. Website below


Sarah’s style is very unique, punchy colours and a dream-like effect. This caught my attention straight away and I decided to use her work to inspire my own. Throughout creating this enterprise idea I asked Sarah a few questions about music photography to build a base understanding of some of the most important factors, in order to successfully execute my own ideas. This helped me a lot as she is very experienced and successful.

sarah q's cropped

Another photographer I have been in touch with and inspired by is Tom Horton. Tom photographs in a slightly different style than myself in that he focuses more on individuals in the crowd. A link to his website is below:


I was interested in Tom’s work as I think he captures a mood really well. Also as I progress I wish to broaden my horizons and have a go at doing this, technically, Tom is very skilled and I look forward to possibly working with him and learning from him.

Although looking to be inspired by the above it’s unfortunate yet inevitable that they are also my competitors within this industry. Therefore I have ensured that my style is different than theirs in order to create a respectable profile for myself without being a copycat and stealing their business!

As well as freelance photographers I thought it would also be useful to get in touch with a club that I will be continuing to work with as a client. I asked the press officer (Kirsti Weir, Press Officer at Fabric London) a few questions to build up a bundle of information from a reliable source. This really helped me to understand what the clubs want from the photographers, therefore I am in a stronger position as now I know what they want from the service I am providing.


My next steps

Whilst developing this enterprise I have secured work with a few different clients, such as Fabric, Structure and Soul Punch. all of the above listed were happy with my shots and I have also secured future jobs with them and I look forward to working those. See the clubs facebook pages below:




However, obviously, I want this business to grow. Firstly I wish to continue with the imagery of clubs and events with increasing payment as my work becomes stronger. As well as this I want to also start doing DJ press and portraiture shots. This is an aspect that photographers like Sarah Ginn and Tom Horton do along side their club shoots. This will broaden my horizon, increase the publicity of my freelance business as well as increase my range of skills. I also wish to work at festivals in the upcoming summer. This will be me working as a freelancer but paid by a magazine such as DJ mag or Mixmag. It will consist of me shooting over the course of a festival and sending a big shoot to the required company at the end so they can use them in their magazines. I have been in contact with Sarah Ginn about going to Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland in 2015 to shoot that with her, so that’s very exciting, also a foot in the door.


In terms of copyright etc. I will continue to do what I do now with my images which is to enter the metadata correctly to prove that the images are mine as well as signing a contract with the companies I will be working for to say that I will not abuse the terms and conditions that apply. Until summer I will carry on working with the clubs I have already worked with alongside other clubs that have upcoming events.